Nothing a book can't cure

I have been diagnosed with "reading rot". Yes I know, I know. Tragic. If you don't know what that is, it is the tragic illness that makes you stop reading. It is caused by reading the same types of shitty YA novels that follow the same template for every book. In the worse case it could cause the death of beautiful escape and some of your brain cells. But fear not everyone! For I am a fighter! I have sought out different types of literature and I must say that I am on the way to recovery! I see the light leading me to the nearest bookstore! Okay sorry for the dramatics. That's kind of what happens when you are a writer that can't seemed to shut up. On to the real me! I am a 17 (soon to be 18 praise the lord let the high school end) female lady that enjoys the activities of the literary variety. I'm naughty and lazy, so I do not pursue these activities as much as I probably should. I read a lot of different materials. I'm testing out new things and genres at the moment. I guess I just really enjoy books with symbolism because I feel really good when I catch on to it. It's really cool to see the author put themselves and cultural concepts in their writing. I also LOVE when a book shows a significant meaning. Not the "Be yourself" type shit, which is a very good and important lesson, but tired for me. I'm talking about things like racial inequality in different parts of the world and women's struggles. A lot of civil rights stuff. I feel like I grow as a person when I read those types of books. As for writing, I write mainly fiction and shitty poems. I'm working on it. This is a lot longer than I wanted, but okay. I would love to talk to some of you if you ever want to say hi or become besties! I'm down with either!